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Michael Gratton created an issue #522:

I just tried to release geary 3.38.2, and got the following:

mjog@blanchefort:~/Projects/GNOME/geary$ scp +build/meson-dist/geary-3.38.2.tar.xz
geary-3.38.2.tar.xz                                         100% 2469KB 708.0KB/s   00:03    
mjog@blanchefort:~/Projects/GNOME/geary$ ssh ftpadmin install geary-3.38.2.tar.xz
Gathering information and sorting on version: ., done
Preparing installation of geary-3.38.2.tar.xz:
 - Checking consistency: ........, done
 - Checking previous tarball: ........, done
 - NEWS, done (diff, 26 lines)
 - Copying tar.xz, done
 - Creating sha256sum, done

      Module: geary
     Version: 3.38.2   (previous version: 3.38.1)
 Destination: /ftp/pub/GNOME/sources/geary/3.38/

Install geary? [Y/n] y
Installing geary-3.38.2.tar.xz:
 - Moving files: ..., done
 - Updating LATEST-IS, done
 - Updating known versions, done
 - Removing original tarball, done
Doing notifications:
 - Informing ftp-release-list, done
 - Triggering updateFAILED (exit code 1)

Your tarball will appear in the following location on

It is important to retain the trailing slash for compatibility with
broken http clients.

sudo: PAM account management error: System error
bed544fe6d764576d6786715c111956969fd4409878fc303339504ec4c7bd396  geary-3.38.2.tar.xz

The ftp-release-list email uses information from the modules DOAP file. Make
sure at least the following fields are filled in:
  name, shortdesc, description, download-page, bug-database

Please report any problems to:

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