Infrastructure | Avoid kicks on Matrix when fighting spam on IRC (#517)

Title: GitLab

Thibault Martin created an issue #517:

We keep a list of issues that are frustrating users from IRC and Matrix that happen mostly because of the bridge.

One of them is that users on the Matrix side of the bridge are kicked when the channel is set to mode +R to prevent spam. There seems to be an alternative, but we need to know if the chanmodes/regonlyspeak module is installed on unrealIRCd.

The alternative as described in the ticket is, instead of using +R:

[...] to use the +M mode. This would prevent unregistered users from speaking on the IRC side without kicking them. It would effectively prevent spam.

If used alone, it would allow people to keep talking on Matrix, but their messages would never make it to IRC (unless they did the registration voodoo which is non Matrix native and we want to avoid). We would need the bridge to have enough privileges and to voice the users (mode +v) as they join channels.

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