Infrastructure | Hard to create an LDAP account (#433)

Title: GitLab

Allan Day created an issue #433:

Yesterday I was supporting a newcomer to the GNOME project who needed an LAP account in order help with a survey on I've been contributing to GNOME for well over a decade, for most of which I have worked on it full time. Yet I struggled and eventually found it impossible to figure out how to create the account.

I had a similar issue a while back trying to give a new contributor access to a document in, which makes me think that this is a more general issue.

Most of the issues seemed to be around documentation so should be fairly easy to fix. Specific issues I encountered...

Hard to find documentation on

The documentation is confusing

LDAP accounts assume that you're a developer

Finally, account requests are done by filing a ticket in Gitlab, which first requires you to log in. This is confusing. The person I was helping got tripped up by it - they thought they now had a GNOME account because they'd logged in to Gitlab.


Some suggestions on how to improve this:

It would also be good to investigate the patch and ssh key requirements.

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