Infrastructure | Mailman: Mention and the distributor tag on distributor-list (#429)

Title: GitLab

Olav Vitters created an issue #429:


As there was a email stuck in the moderation queue of distributor-list, I've asked for a 'distributor' tag on This as Discourse is meant to replace most mailing lists anyway, plus because the same message was actually posted on Discourse, I just didn't notice it.

As there's now a distributor tag (, could this be mentioned in the About section of "" ?

Per feedback on the tag (

Tag created. We might still keep the distributor list, just like we’ll likely keep the gnome-announce list, because it’s probably easier for non-GNOME members to follow.

For the distributor-list about tag, I suggest something such as:

Aside from emailing distributor-list, please create a post at GNOME Discourse. GNOME Discourse is preferred over mailing lists.

then please use the following link: announcement&tags=distributor,announcement

Mailman should support basic HTML, so please link the bits highlighted with "_"

I tried to find where distributor-list usage is documented, couldn't find it. I guess it'll require some communication. Also did not follow how previous mailing lists were moved.

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