Infrastructure | Missing release reminder for 3.35.92 (#252)

Title: GitLab

Michael Catanzaro created an issue:


The usual release reminder announcement to devel-announce-list@ did not get sent for 3.35.91.

Steps to reproduce

On whatever system runs, try changing the system date to Thursday and run the script manually... and see what happens? I've been playing with it locally and it seems like it should be fine? But I'm also not running a local SMTP server, so I haven't tested the actual mail sending.

Note that I have no clue what system runs this script or how often new versions of the script get pulled from git.

What is the current bug behavior?

No reminder mail sent

What is the expected correct behavior?

Reminder mail sent to devel-announce-list@

Relevant logs and/or screenshots

I touched the script recently in GNOME/releng@7d7d3d81, so it's possible that could somehow have broken this... but really, probably not likely. I guess more likely something has changed on the infrastructure side of things?

/cc @averi @barthalion @ovitters

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