Infrastructure | Create a new mailing list for PyGtk Posting (#242)

Title: GitLab

Reuben Rissler created an issue:


Before filling a new ticket in, please make sure your new mailing list request follows the prerequisites as listed on

PyGtk Posting is an accounting / business management software in development (alpha) since 2016. The GitHub instance is

Requested details

  1. The list name, which should end in '-list' as in foundation-list pygtk-posting-devel-list
  2. The e-mail address of the primary/initial list administrator silrep emypeople net
  3. If you are moving your list from an existing service, and want your archives preserved, please also make your archive history available in .mbox format on an URL or attached to the ticket. It should be one single file, and gzip/bzip2 compressed. Do not compress in any other format! Not needed

/cc @averi

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