Re: Infrastructure | Orca docs stopped being updated on (#145)

Title: GitLab

Frederic Peters commented:

library-web uses jhbuild modulesets to get modules related to a GNOME release but the release team stopped publishing them; from library-web log file:

I:[20190610 00:17:57] Getting GNOME release: 3.28.2
E:[20190610 00:17:57] Failed retrieving pub/GNOME/teams/releng/3.28.2/gnome-apps-3.28.2.modules ([Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/ftp/pub/GNOME/teams/releng/3.28.2/gnome-apps-3.28.2.modules')

I added an explicit entry for orca in data/extra-tarballs and it should be fine at next library-web build; however this certainly needs to be done for all modules.

commit 551e89af3927a1720e426e001fc3a7879d42a3cc
Author: Frédéric Péters <fpeters 0d be>
Date:   Mon Jun 10 13:25:02 2019 +0200

    extra-tarballs: force newer orca versions to be included

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