[Bug 797219] New: Request to archive usability gnome org

Bug ID 797219
Summary Request to archive usability@gnome.org
Classification Infrastructure
Product sysadmin
Version unspecified
OS All
Status NEW
Severity normal
Priority Normal
Component Mailman
Assignee sysadmin-maint@gnome.bugs
Reporter calum.benson@oracle.com
QA Contact sysadmin-maint@gnome.bugs
CC horkana@maths.tcd.ie, jan.moren@gmail.com
GNOME version ---

As one of the list moderators (I've cc'ed the others), I propose that
usabilty@gnome.org no longer serves any useful purpose and should be archived.

We receive multiple spam messages into he moderation queue every day, and the
one or two genuine posts per year are generally either ignored, or the sender
is advised to contact the designers via other channels instead.

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