[Bug 796458] Please disable bugbot on all channels

Edward E. changed bug 796458
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CC   develinthedetail@gmail.com

Comment # 1 on bug 796458 from Edward E.
For consideration: bugbot may not be _totally_ useless until all bugs are
For example, for a while I have been keeping one eye on #bzbot, where bugbot
shows all bug status changes.
Admittedly there is not much activity after the recent migration, and I make no
claim that this is actually useful.

For reference, bugbot is currently on 39 channels:

banshee, bugbot, bugs, bzbot, conduit, contacts, docs, documents, evolution,
geary, gegl, gitg, gnome-br, gnome-builder, gnome-calculator, gnome-calendar,
gnome-cz, gnome-flashback, gnome-it, gnome-mud, gnome-nl, gnome-todo, gnomefr,
gtk+, gtksourceview, i18n, monodev, monodevelop, monogame, nautilus, newcomers,
pdfmod, photos, pygtk, release-team, seahorse, sysadmin, vala, webhackers

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