Re: gitlab often gives me blank pages


I'd love having a person to test the new rack attack settings against.
I'm trying to figure out the target QUERY_STRING that you guys are
hitting when launching several CI jobs to finally drop it from the
targets rack attack is protecting our GitLab instance from. Poke me
anytime on IRC so we can try and simulate a temporary ban.


2018-06-15 15:57 GMT+02:00  <xclaesse gmail com>:

I don't know where to report this issue, since gitlab is not working
anymore for me atm.

It often happens that gitlab stops working and give me only blank pages
on firefox, and Chrome says error 403. If I clear my coockies I get to
the login page again, but once I auth I again get to a blank page. When
that happens, my CI runs also seems to fail with 403 errors. It seems
my account gets locked times to times.

What's going on?

Xavier Claessens.
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