[Bug 797060] New: Website hosting for Brazilian GNOME community

Bug ID 797060
Summary Website hosting for Brazilian GNOME community
Classification Infrastructure
Product sysadmin
Version unspecified
OS Linux
Status NEW
Severity normal
Priority Normal
Component Other
Assignee sysadmin-maint@gnome.bugs
Reporter rafaelff@gnome.org
QA Contact sysadmin-maint@gnome.bugs
GNOME version ---

Brazilian GNOME community was considering migrating the current website
(http://br.gnome.org/GNOMEBR/), or creating another, to GNOME Gitlab and use
the Gitlab Pages system, obviously pointing br.gnome.org for the new place.

But before specifically requesting the hosting, I would to ask: Is it feasible?
Case yes, in which group it would be stored? Any other step is required?

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