SysAdmin Apprenticeship

Hello world! (Or GNOME-Infrastructure),

My name is Eric Hendricks. You may have seen me lurking around on IRC the past few days under Eric_TheITGuy. I am interested in joining the GNOME SysAdmin team! 

I have spent most of my 10 year career working on RedHat/CentOS servers, managing Spacewalk, and using open source for my employers. However, over the past 2 years, I found that what I was really missing was the community. You can use open source or you can be apart of it.

Since then, I have become an active follower of Jupiter Broadcasting, am a donating member of the EFF, contributor to the PeerTube project, manager of Jupiter Broadcasting‚Äôs new PeerTube and GitLab instances, as well as an avid at-home user (NextCloud, Quassel, libvirt, etc). I have never been more excited about technology or the community. In the coming months I am attending LAS in Denver and DevOps Days in Kansas City. 

I currently work full time as a Linux Systems Engineer revamping my employers patching process, utilizing SaltStack for automation and orchestration. I have been working on and off with a Kubernetes POC our company is working towards.

I heard that GNOME was in need of man power and am here to help where I can (and dive deeper into Puppet). I have already started working with the Engagement team on Social media, a benefit of my owning a small business in the past, but tech is where my heart lies. So, here I am!

Thank you so much for your consideration.

Eric Hendricks | Linux Jedi | eric theitguys us | 816.304.2193

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