[Bug 794984] We need hosting for documentation portal

Comment # 6 on bug 794984 from Sri Ramkrishna
Thanks Petr, much appreciated.  I would be more than happy to include the
documentation team in everything we are doing.  It seems from our conversation
on DDL that to make this successful requires a cross section of people as well.

So let's set some concrete steps.  Right now we have a telegram channel if one
of you want to join it I would be more than happy to add you.  We have had
regular meetings every Wednesday at 18:00 GMT if you are interested in joining.

Finally, I will post minutes on the documentation mailing list in case those
are burdensome and I can play liaison between the two.  Most likely, we're
going to need advice and discussions especially when dealing with the state of
the platform when it comes to tooling.

Again, I apologize for not giving the documentation team a heads up.  The team
growth metatasized and we didn't know how serious it was going to get since it
was only three people wanting to solve a problem and along the way we picked up
others.  Secondly, it's hard to have a conversation when there is no concrete
details.  We still probably can't answer all the questions without doing some
experimentation and exploring.

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