[Bug 773229] Please create a gnome-multi-writer bugzilla entry

Andrea Veri changed bug 773229
What Removed Added
CC   andrea.veri@gmail.com
Resolution --- FIXED

Comment # 1 on bug 773229 from Andrea Veri
Product has been created.

I've set you as the maintainer.

You (and any other developer of the product) can maintain the product here


Adjust it to your liking. An initial "general" component has been created. For
any new component use 


as QA and default assignee.

Important: Anyone interested in following all bug activity
(including all maintainers) must watch above dummy user by adding
it to the 'User Watching' list under


Note: You can mark more developers as product maintainers in Bugzilla
under Administration > Users at https://bugzilla.gnome.org/editusers.cgi

Note: If you would like to adjust the versions and have a version for the
latest code, please use the name "git master" for it (for consistency).

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