[Bug 762817] Request for chrome-gnome-shell Github mirror pull requests control

Comment # 6 on bug 762817 from Yuri Konotopov
Alberto, thanks for explanation. As I see now it is only a question of

Please sorry my impudence, but my only goal is comfortable development process
of chrome-gnome-shell.

Yes, I can set up another mirror for chrome-gnome-shell repository. However I
need some server with some scripting. On other side you already done all work
(btw thanks for that).

Moreover GNOME/ostree already works with PRs:

It's OK for me not to have collaborator rights for repository mirror.
Technically I can work with PRs without that.
However I want to respect your work and GNOME rules.

So may I ask you not to close PRs on GNOME/chrome-gnome-shell github mirror?
It will be OK for me if sometime in the future you will hide PRs entirely.

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