[Bug 765704] Add tiles.gnome.org as a proxy for third-party tile servers used today

Comment # 10 on bug 765704 from Mattias Bengtsson
(In reply to Olav Vitters from comment #9)
> Maybe I'm being simple, but what is meant with a proxy?

An HTTP proxy in front of our service dependencies. 

> Especially with comments in there such as:
> > The API key for GraphHopper is currently embedded in the code, but for the
> > tilesets I think it makes sense to store them serverside and add them to the
> > requests if possible. Otherwise if we need to change tilesets again in the
> Add them how? Where's the proxy software?

I think av is better equipped to answer this one. But I belive it's an HAProxy
instance on one of our servers. 

> It seems you're requesting redirects?

That and API key handling. Basically were trying to be prepared for the next
time we need to migrate to new services.

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