[Bug 764748] New: Hosting an OpenTripPlanner instance

Bug ID 764748
Summary Hosting an OpenTripPlanner instance
Classification Infrastructure
Product sysadmin
Version unspecified
OS Linux
Status NEW
Severity normal
Priority Normal
Component Other
Assignee sysadmin-maint@gnome.bugs
Reporter ml@update.uu.se
QA Contact sysadmin-maint@gnome.bugs
GNOME version ---

I have been working on a proof-of-concept implementation of support for public
transit routing in Maps (https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=755808).

For testing locally on my development machine I have been using the data as
listed in https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Maps/Resources/GTFSFeeds
Running with this list of feeds requires about 8-9 GB RAM. On a real server
with more coverage, it would probably need a significantly larger amount of
physical RAM.

A bit related, I have also created a (pretty crude for now) side-project to
keep the OTP instance up-to-date with data from the GTFS feeds:

Some additional things will be needed (such as webserver fronting OTP providing
HTTPS access, and restricting access to OTP's management features, using HTTP
PUT, DELETE et.c.)

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