Re: Please upgrade OwnCloud to latest stable release

Thanks Jim, we should be running latest 8.0.2 now. The only downside
is the news app needing a newer libxml which surely is not going to be
upgraded on RHEL 6, so we either build our own (if possible and
depending on what deps it requires at build or run time) or live
without the news app. I'll have a look at it.


2015-03-20 20:11 GMT+01:00 Jim Campbell <jcampbell gnome org>:

I'm requesting an upgrade to the OwnCloud instance.
We're currently running version 7.04 while the most recent stable
upstream release is 8.02.  If we do not wish to upgrade to the 8.0
branch, then the latest stable release of the 7.0 series is 7.05.

Thank you!

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