[Bug 746485] Website hosting request for Greek GNOME community

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Comment # 1 on bug 746485 from Andrea Veri
Ok, the website has been created and the data (theme, plugins, files) has been
imported. A few notes:

 1. You can't access the instance until the name servers have been updated (an
easy fix for this would be adding an /etc/hosts entry like this: "echo
' www.gnome.gr gnome.gr' >> /etc/hosts" as root. From there clean
the cookies and login to the instance (let me know if a password reset is

 2. Given the fact we're using a WP network instance wp-content/upload urls
have changed from /wp-content/uploads/YYYY/MM/DD/filename to
/wp-content/uploads/sites/7/YYYY/MM/DD/filename. You might want to resource
urls if you spot a few 404s.

 3. Next step is looking around and see what's still missing but in order to do
so you need to access the instance, so again point 1.

Let me know where I can help you further.

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