Re: gnome-infrastructure Digest, Vol 127, Issue 7


I'd like to throw my name into the hat for the Apprentice program.

1) Part of an existing FOSS community

I've been part of the Ubuntu community for quite a while and I was the
l10n Esperanto Lead for OpenOffice many years ago (in fact I started the
effort before handing it off).

I've been with the Gnome community since 2006:

2) Familiar with how a FOSS Project works behind the scenes

I have this one down as per my previous answer. I also work currently
for Canonical. I'm a point man for Gnome systems hosted by Canonical in
Canonical's Datacenter as well as monthly vulnerability assessments of
the Gnome systems, recently including all of the systems.  The output of
this I have been providing to AV on #sysadmin.

3) Familiar with popular tools like Puppet, Git

I use git almost daily but I'm not an advanced user of it.

I am a beginner with puppet which may disqualify me. I don't use puppet
on a daily basis but I am familiar with how it works including

4) Familiar with RHEL as the OS of choice

I currently sysadmin a small number of CENTOS machines distributed
amongst mountain tops in Colorado used for emergency communications.

I obviously have a great deal more experience with Debian based systems
and sysadmin a number of these machines in a non-work environment.

5) Familiar with popular Sysadmin tools, softwares and procedures

I am not a sysadmin by trade but I have been in a sysadmin role before.
I started out as a sysadmin for IBM managing AIX boxes. Over the years
I've gathered experience managing small installations of various linux
systems. I currently use tools like cricket, smokeping, Canonical's
Landscape, linux dash, and the like.

Also for fun I've been using docker, lxc, vagrant, and vmware for
hosting environments and devops.

6) Eager to learn new things, make constructive discussions with a team,
provide feedback and new ideas

Yes. :-)  Just for fun I've been slogging through Limoncelli's Practice
of System and Network Admin book to see if this old dog can learn some
new tricks.

I don't need to be part of the apprentice program. I'm going to continue
to help out as I have been. However, if I can learn more and help out
better as part of the program, I'd like that. I use Gnome and Unity so
helping Gnome is in my best interest.  Plus, it just feels good to help


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