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On 27/10/14 12:41, Andrea Veri via RT wrote:
On Sat Oct 25 17:38:42 2014, jmcasanova igalia com wrote:

We are reviewing the current status of the mail aliases of GNOME
HISPANO, we would like to review current status of the email aliases
under this domains.

We would like to know the current list of aliases to know the emails
people have used in the past (we have some lost emails from our nice
president) and  update the to have current gnome-hispano alias with the
next information. Alias are working now for and

I did update both the aliases for the and domains with the content you 
provided in your original e-mail. What we had before for both domains is: (the table had 
the same content as well)

presidente gnomehispano org    skymix es gmail com
tesorero gnomehispano org        jmcasanova igalia com
secretaria gnomehispano org    roberto majadas openshine com
secretario gnomehispano org    secretaria gnomehispano org
vicepresidente gnomehispano org  acs barrapunto com
altassocios gnomehispano org     secretario gnomehispano org,tesorero gnomehispano org,presidente 
gnomehispano org
wikiadmin gnomehispano org     carlosgc gnome org,jmcasanova igalia com
carlosgc gnomehispano org        carlosgc gnome org
chema gnomehispano org           jmcasanova igalia com
Hi Andrea,

Thank you very much, everything seems to be working fine.  Now we have
updated our board emails :)

Best Regards,


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