[gnome.org #14588] GNOME mirrors list disappeared

On Fri Oct 17 19:03:29 2014, fink snaggledworks com wrote:

The list of GNOME download mirrors linked to from
https://wiki.gnome.org/Sysadmin/Mirrors is a 404 link.  Is there another
list of current GNOME mirrors?  Thanks,

The mirrorlist has been removed as we totally switched our mirroring system to use Mirrorbrain which lists 
all the available mirrors for each of the files you can find at download.gnome.org.

Where can you find such list? By clicking the 'Details' link on the right side of each file, an example. [1]

I'm updating the wiki page now to reflect this change, thanks for reporting the information there was 

I'm closing the ticket, please re-open if there's more.

[1] https://download.gnome.org/WELCOME.msg.mirrorlist

GNOME Sysadmin
GNOME Accounts Team
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