Re: [ #14547] Cleartext Geolocation data &

Thankyou so much!   I've tested & verified that it didn't break
behaviour from gnome-maps (3.14)  either, which is great!

Love your response time too!

On Wed, Oct 1, 2014 at 9:34 AM, Andrea Veri via RT <support gnome org> wrote:
On Wed Oct 01 06:36:38 2014, spider gnome org wrote:
  As part of digging through all the cleartext communiations that we
do in the
Gnome stack, one of the sites that popped up was

Would it be possible to get nominatim to also route the same data via

Would it also be possible to add a hsts-header (not that it's likely
our code supports it, but it would be nice to have once it does)?

Everything should be in place by now. (we both switched to use SSL by default and to 
proxy requests to the HTTPS side of itself - and added the hsts-header)

Let me know if anything is still missing.


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