[gnome.org #14408] Please add me to microblog gnome org alias

On Mon Jun 23 16:02:24 2014, zeeshanak gnome org wrote:

Sorry but gotta do a lot of things today so I hope you don't mind a
copy&paste of relevant IRC discussion here as rationale:

<rishi> zeenix: ping (re:
<Services> Bug 729837: enhancement, Normal, ---,
gnome-online-accounts-maint, UNCONFIRMED, Add Foursquare support
<zeenix> rishi: hi
<rishi> zeenix: Hi. I don't know if having a 'page' would solve our
issue or not. Do you know?
<zeenix> rishi: oh i missed the whole discussion it seems
<zeenix> rishi: i don't know really
<zeenix> rishi: let me check..
<zeenix> wtf, foursq wants access to my twitter account for that :(
<rishi> zeenix: What do we need to create a GNOME account?
<rishi> Something not tied to an individual.
<zeenix> rishi: apparently a twitter account
<zeenix> full access to it even :(
<zeenix> http://ur1.ca/hl7wv
<rishi> zeenix: Isn't there a GNOME Twitter account?
<zeenix> there is
<zeenix> I think aday is behind it?
<aday> rishi, yeah i have access to the twitter account. what's this
<rishi> aday: This is about the GNOME app on Foursquare.
<aday> rishi, tell me more
<rishi> aday: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=729837#c12
<rishi> aday: Currently we are using an app created by zeenix, but it
prominently shows "Zeeshan Ali" in the user's web settings.
<rishi> See the screenshot.
<aday> right. not ideal
<aday> rishi, so there's a new one?
<rishi> aday: zeenix is trying to create one.
<rishi> He is saying that to create a GNOME account on Foursquare he
is being asked for a Twitter account.
<aday> oh i see
<aday> rishi, zeenix, the gnome twitter account is registered to an
@gnome mail alias
<aday> you could get yourself added
<rishi> aday: Sure, can do. But in this case, it would be better if
zeenix did that since he is more into Foursquare, etc. than me.
<rishi> What do I  have to do?
<aday> rishi, zeenix, whoever is going to admin the foursquare account
should file a bug against the sysadmin product
<aday> you need to request to have yourself added to the
microblog gnome org alias
<zeenix> i don't get it
<zeenix> aday: to create the 4sq page, I need access to twitter
account it self
<aday> zeenix, i can give you the password. what don't you get?
<zeenix> oh ok, then I get it :)
<aday> zeenix, if you are going to be managing the account, you should
be signed up to get email notifications though

Added. Change in effect within 1 hour from now.


GNOME Sysadmin
GNOME Accounts Team
GNOME Membership & Elections Committee Chairman

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