Windows server resources for GNOME

Hi Infrastructure Team,

In speaking with Ekaterina Gerasimova during a recent docs hackfest, she
said that GNOME would benefit from a Windows server on which to build
GNOME software for Windows. As it turns out, Rackspace has provided a
generous grant of cloud server resources to the ChicagoLUG [0], and
(after discussing it with the LUG), we agreed that providing Windows
server resources to GNOME would be a good thing to do.

Is this something that you'd be interested in? If so, please let us know
what kind of server resources you would need. Rackspace provides both
Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 or Windows Server 2012 servers, so hopefully
one of those would work for the group.



P.S. I'm not on a lot of GNOME hacker mailing lists, so feel free to
forward this message to any interested parties. 


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