Re: Source for gnome wiki theme

Well, as explained on my Sysadmin Team report we have switched all the static resources to static-web and the same applies to the wiki as you can see at [1].



2014-07-31 13:28 GMT+02:00 Olav Vitters <olav vitters nl>:

It seems the source for the moinmoin wiki theme has been
removed from the server. The server still has the gnome.pyc file, which
is why the theme is still working. I noticed a few backup copies
containing old info. I'm guessing this source is probably in someones
email or maybe in Bugzilla.

Anyone know where it went to?

on live-back:
[root live ovitters]# locate


/mnt/live-data/http/ is a
broken symlink. All other files are old copies, need something which
at least contains a 2013 copyright by mccain.

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