Re: Possible disk usage on

2014-01-28 Frederic Peters <fpeters gnome org>

A request during the documentation hackfest is to keep the stable
documentation updated even after the maintainer stops releasing
tarballs. (This is also of interest to the translators.)

But that means cloning modules, and that will take some place (in
the library-web cache directory under /var/cache/gnomeweb/, that's
/mnt/webspace/cache and there's 30G left), this will also increase
CPU, IO, and network usage.

That code is disabled for the moment, and would be selectively used
for some modules at first, but would it be fine if extended to all

There are currently 130G free on the machine hosting webapps, for now we could eventually reserve 30 - 40 more G to the webapps-data logical volume. (that will hopefully be enough for the "some modules at first" option)

Ideally as soon as the new machines will arrive, we can start re-thinking the current VMs layout and move some of the existing VMs to a newer host with more disk space and an increased amount of CPU assigned.

That said, you can safely enable the feature for a first subset of modules (do you know how much disk space it'll require at first?) and eventually enable the feature for all of them once we'll be able to play with some fresh new hardware.



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Fedora / EPEL packager,
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