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--- Comment #12 from Colin Walters <walters verbum org> 2013-09-06 13:56:30 UTC ---
Transcript of brief discussion today.  Still TODO is investigate
bugzilla.mozilla.org's use of splinter and their workflow.

<walters> owen: any opinions on
https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=706155 ?
<Services> Bug 706155: normal, Normal, ---, sysadmin-maint, UNCONFIRMED, gerrit
<owen> walters: No
<walters> no as in...we should not use gerrit, no as in no opinion?
<owen> walters: Basically, I don't want to stop something if there's momentum
to use it, and I'm not doing much review at the moment anyways, so I'm probably
not the right person have opinions. I chose to push us towards Splinter rather
than gerrit, etc, because I thought integrating multiple systems would lead to
a confused workflow, but I'm sure gerrit has significant advantages too
<walters> it's worth considering improving splinter for sure; the main issue is
the fact that bugzilla and git are disconnected systems with separate
authentication mechanisms
<av> walters: which role is bugzilla going to play in the hypothetic gerrit's
<walters> i guess what i find myself suffering from the most is all of the
round trips and manual steps; like when a patch is marked a-c-n, i then have to
push it manually
<walters> av: ah...i think bugzilla would still track bugs, and would still be
used for some single patches.  But it's just really not great at continually
evolving patch series
<owen> walters: I doubt splinter improvemnts are going to happen, we don't have
a supply of the right sort of development contribution for that
<walters> development resources are one thing, but some improvements would need
fundamental architecture rearrangement
<walters> like for autolanding, we really want to link up bugzilla accounts and
<walters> and ensure that the patches pushed to bugzilla for review are
submitted via ssh so we've authenticated
<walters> that is where gerrit is different in that it sits directly on top of
<owen> that kind of stuff requires development resources too
<owen> walters: doesn't sitting directly on top of git lock out new
contributors unless we signiicantly revamp our acounts system?
<walters> yes, it does; although of course with git they can set up their own
repo somewhere and file a bug for manual review.  If they're going to be
continual contributors then it shouldn't be a problem to get them an account
<av> walters: does keeping bugzilla and gerrit up together make any sense? I'm
not strictly a developer so I don't know how the workflow would change if we
introduce another reviewing system and keep bugzilla + splinter up
<av> walters: the only point in keeping BZ up would be to help new contributors
sending patches without the need of an ssh account
<walters> av: i think it makes sense to have bugzilla and gerrit together, and
the fact that splinter exists in bugzilla means it shouldn't cost us very much
to keep it up there
<walters> i guess the only cost is bugzilla rebases but i don't know how much
their internals change
<av> owen: was splinter migrated to the new BZ 4.X format btw?
<owen> av: Splinter (somewhat rewritten) is used on bugzilla.mozilla.org
<walters> oh interesting
<walters> i'm curious about their workflow, like whether they have any
autolanding, or developers just push from their own machines

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