Re: [ #14061] Please upgrade gettext under damned-lies

2013-12-28 20:43 keltezéssel, Andrea Veri via RT írta:
On Sat Dec 28 19:16:59 2013, kelemeng gnome hu wrote:

After the recent upgrade of the machine running damned-lies, I saw some
warnings on gnome-i18n@ about strings being added[0] to older branches.

This looks like to be a side effect of the gettext version being not
upgraded to 0.18.3[1], which happened sometime in September[2] (can't
find a previous bug or any better proof).

Could you please install the latest version of gettext?


Package installed.



However, there seems to be some side effects here.

I have tried to update the stats for a few modules[0], and damned-lies
fails to do it correctly:

/bin/sh: 1: intltool-update: not found

The documentation stats were correctly updated for the same modules.


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