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--- Comment #40 from Andrea Veri <andrea veri gmail com> 2013-08-24 12:44:34 UTC ---
Here's how the final setup is looking like:

1. the translations user was added into LDAP and an SSH key pair was generated
for this user, the key is currently living in
/usr/local/www/gnomeweb/.ssh/translations_rsa on progress.gnome.org. The
translations user has its own switch on create-auth, and it's currently not
part of the gnomevcs group. The gnomeweb user has access to the file in rw, the
file is not group accessible.

2. create-auth is restricting access to the translations user making sure the
user itself can only reach git.gnome.org from boron.canonical.com, in addition
it can't get a pty allocated. More details at
https://git.gnome.org/browse/sysadmin-bin/tree/create-auth#n40. Thanks Jeff for
your past work on this.

3. Owen's hook has been committed to sysadmin-bin and enabled globally. The
hook will make sure that the only committable files are: PO/help files, with
the addition of the LINGUAS line on Makefile.am.

4. The only downside of the whole setup is the translations_rsa file being
handled by gnomeweb, which is the user that is currently running the
damned-lies service. I did ask Claude to properly implement a way to really use
the translations user for making the commit. 

I personally don't see any grave security issue in this, we do have a lot of
checks in place already and removing an offending key is a matter of a few
seconds in case an attacker will gain access to the gnomeweb user but having a
command that gets executed by an user != from gnomeweb itself would be indeed
nice, that way even if an attacker will gain access to the gnomeweb user by
hacking the damned-lies app, the ssh key won't be accessible at all given it
being chowned to the translations:translations user in 0600 mode.

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