Feedback from a newcomer on joining the Gnome community


   on this year's Guadec, I joined Gnome as a translator/writer/reviewer.

I was quite surprised that I needed to set up several different accounts on the Gnome network to be able to participate.

I definitely excepted some kind of Single Sign-On (SSO). I went to look what open source solutions for SSO are there and I'd like to share what I've found:

Some notes on a preferable SSO protocol:

• FreeIPA -
pros: developed by Red Hat, possible support from them, highly customizable

• Mozilla Persona -
pros: lightweight, decentralized, focus on privacy

• LemonLDAP::NG -
pros: comprehensive, utilizes Apache modules

I didn't go too deep to research each solution but all appear as viable ways to set up SSO.

Would be possible to integrate an SSO scheme on the Gnome network for the sake of current members and the future ones?

Thank you,

It's not getting what you want, it's wanting what you've got.

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