[Bug 706044] Add a nominatim instance or proxy on gnome.org

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Andrea Veri <andrea.veri> changed:

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--- Comment #3 from Andrea Veri <andrea veri gmail com> 2013-08-19 18:59:28 UTC ---
Added a mod_proxy rule for forwarding the requests sent to nominatim.gnome.org
to nominatim.openstreetmaps.org. Also got in touch with the OSM admins about a
possible way to avoid being banned for doing more than 1/reqs per IP.

Also seems the OSM admins are going to whitelist our proxy's IP. In addition
they'll be enforcing the 1/reqs on the User-Agent header binding it to the one
provided by gnome-maps itself. 

In the case things will get worse and the traffic will be getting huge, they'll
contact us for finding a possible solution but ideally the internal caching of
the various apps (geocode-lib?) should also help with this.

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