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--- Comment #1 from Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) <zeeshanak gnome org> 2013-08-15 09:02:37 UTC ---
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Geocode-glib (and therefore GeoClue and Maps) uses Nominatim[1]
for geocoding[2]. 
OpenStreetMaps[3] and MapQuest[4] host the only two free and public
Nominatim-instances that I know of. During the 3.9.x series we have
used the Nominatim instance on OSM directly, but that probably needs
to change in time for 3.10. 


The usage policy for OSM's instance[5] states (among other) the 

"No heavy uses (an absolute maximum of 1 request/s)."

"Note that the usage limits above apply per website/ application: 
 the sum of traffic by all your users should not exceed the limits."

"Apps must make sure that they can switch the service at our request
 at any time (in particular, switching should be possible without
 requiring a software update). If anyhow possible, set up a proxy and
 also enable caching of requests."


The Terms of Use for the MapQuest instance[6] basically states that
we can use it freely if we: 
 1) give OSM credit
 2) give MapQuest credit 
 3) mail them and let them know we'll start using their services
 4) mail them if we expect jumps in usage
 5) abide to the legal stuff stated in 9a here: 

Regarding #2 here we'd actually need to show a MapQuest logo and 
say “Nominatim Search Courtesy of MapQuest” next to it for all 
applications that uses it. I'm not sure exactly how that'd work
really since I think we want to use GeoClue in the control-center
for example to help us autofill stuff and possibly in other places
as well. 

s/GeoClue/geocode-glib/ and maybe we could ask them if its OK if some of our
UIs can't give them very visible credits? We could give them credits in about
dialog or something. I'll also talk to Jon about this.

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