Re: SSL Cert for the missing hosts

So, here's the full list:

- blogs
- l10n
- nagios
- developer
- library
- projects
- news
- sysadmin
- people
- admin
- git
- planet
- nossl (I'll setup a _default_:443 (reachable at host that will display a page with the list of non-SSLed domains, like /'s domains that are shared hosted at webapps)
- foundation
- jabber

Jeff, please take a minute to make the certificate so we can finally enable SSL on all GNOME services. Thanks in advance!

2012/10/20 Tobias Mueller <muelli cryptobitch de>
Also, the XMPP server on does not have a valid
certificate anymore :(



Debian Developer,
Fedora / EPEL packager,
GNOME Sysadmin,
GNOME Foundation Membership & Elections Committee Chairman


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