GNOME Mango - access request - token already used


I tried to request a git access and, after using Mango form, received
the attached mail. Clicking on the confirmation link for the first time,
I get the following message

"This token has already been used to verify your email address.

If you believe this is a problem with Mango, please contact
gnome-infrastructure gnome org."

Thus, I'm writing here. I might have missed something?

--- Begin Message ---
Dear Pierre-Yves Luyten,

In order to confirm your recent GNOME sysadmin or account request,
please follow the link below in order to confirm your e-mail address:

Please note that your e-mail address needs to be verified before a maintainer
can vouch for you. 

Note: This is an automated mail. Please do not respond to this mail. You
can send your questions to the accounts team e-mail address.
The GNOME Accounts Team
<accounts gnome org>

--- End Message ---

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