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--- Comment #14 from Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> 2012-06-07 18:36:46 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #13)
> Could I get buildbot-master and buildbot-slave installed on ostree.gnome.org?
> Looks like npmccallum has a personal repo here:
> http://repos.fedorapeople.org/repos/npmccallum/buildbot/epel-buildbot.repo

Would you mind filing a new ticket for this?

> Also, one thing I'm wondering is if it'd be possible to automate some of the
> bringup of the machine in puppet.  I have a fair amount of stuff that I've done
> manually at the command line that's only semi-documented.
> How do you guys normally do this?  One idea I have is to start writing the
> kickstart/puppet recipies which bring up a ostree-test.gnome.org VM, iterate on
> them until it works, then replace the current server with that.

What we normally do is to make all our configuration changes through puppet -
so e.g., with the above, we'd add buildbot-master and buildbot-slave to the
ostree module in puppet rather than doing 'yum install'. We don't have any sort
of verification procedure, but in general, we've had good luck when setting up
a new VM and moving a service there that the service is 98% working.

> Or I guess right now the /srv/ostree virtual disk is separate, so in theory we
> should be able to destroy the current VM, but keep /srv/ostree and have things
> work.

That's the idea - that stuff that isn't part of the system configuration in
is kept in a separate place. Note that /srv/ostree *is not backed up* as
If you feel that it's getting hard to recreate, please reconsider whether you
some parts of it under backup.

Our puppet setup at this point is restricted to root-level configuration, so it
be hard to use it for the details of ostree as long as its actively changing.

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