Re: projects

On Mon, 2011-09-19 at 15:21 -0700, Jeff Schroeder wrote:

> > Let's just throw out a list of things that we need done and go from there.
> So perhaps a starting action item list with some random brain dumping included:
>  * Finish the base configuration of clipboard and clutter
>  * Move ldap and mango from label to clipboard, making sure to update
> the ldap slaves.
>  * Move nfs off of container onto combobox.
>  * Find or create a place to move mail + mailman and move them off of
> menubar. A vm seems ok for me, but this is a team decision.

A VM seems fine to me too ... we generally have better reliability and
maintainability in a VM than on bare metal, and that's worth an IO
performance hit.

>  * Move all of the databases off of combobox back onto drawable. Bonus
> points for figuring out a sane failover strategy for when drawable
> fails again.

We should definitely look at mysql master-slave replication - when I
poked around in the docs it looked suitable for keeping a "hot" backup
of the database server, and our databases are central to a lot of

>  * Find what else needs to be moved off of container to retire it.
>  * Put in a formal request with Redhat IT to reap label, menubar, and container.
>  * Set up an ldap slave in a vm and update the sssd configuration in
> the Redhat datacenter to point at both
>  * Make sure all of the Ubuntu servers are fully puppetized if they
> aren't already
>  * Standardize the Ubuntu servers on the most recent LTS release and
> set some of them up for DR from the Redhat datacenter.
>  * Split the load between the webapps vm on combobox and the to be
> created webapps2 vm on clutter.

This looks like a great list to me. If we go the stuff on this list
done, we'd be in a lot better place. I don't have anything that I'd
immediately place before it.

Beyond the above, most of the stuff we need to do falls into two

 - Enhancements to specific services (you can find a lot in bugzilla)
 - Disaster recovery planning 

Considering recent problems elsewhere, I think we should put some
priority on further reducing the number of people with login access...
get rid of shell access for, etc. I think Olav might
have a good idea of where we are with that and what projects are

- Owen

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