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Hi Emily,
thanks for reviewing, I think this is what we've really missed. We will change all Gnome to GNOME. 
As this is just the layout that we're presenting before you and the material/content that is to be displayed on the website is under preparation. We're writing in our free time and also surfing other GNOME website for the related content. So it will be changed accordingly.
Although, we haven't received any response from the person concerned with website management, but we expect something to happen soon, else we'll need your help and support to contact him.

On Wed, Oct 12, 2011 at 4:23 AM, Emily Chen <emilychen522 gmail com> wrote:
Hi Mani,

I suggest all "Gnome" change to "GNOME" in your webiste. It also would be great to put some GNOME event posters like: Women Outreach Program and Friends of GNOME etc.

Other content looks great and it is a good beginning to connect all users group in Indian.


2011/10/12 Mani Y <mani techtickle com>
Hi all,
we have prepared a demo website for Gnome India. We would like to install the website along with wordpress for better and dynamic content. We need your guidance for getting this task done. We would like to enroll in this process and really looking forward to get domain for website. Please suggest us if we are missing something. 
Here is the demo of the website with some dummy content.

Awaiting your responses.
Thank you.

Manish Yadav 

Manish Yadav |

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