as another benefit for Foundation membership


Olav committed the 'webuser' flag into Mango and it should go live 
anytime soon on the production environment. (that flag enables $UID's 
access to add files over the people.g.o's area, i.e for setting up
personal homepages or to just host data relevant for GNOME)          

I was wondering if we could add that as another benefit for every 
Foundation member, that will definitely strengthen membership's 
concept and will be an additional drawing power for new contributors  
willing to join our beloved Foundation.

So in fact, Foundation members will have the following benefits:

1.'s mail alias
2. vote rights on Board's elections, so having a say in GNOME's 
3. access to a personal blog hosted at blogs.g.o
4. people.g.o/~UID's access as said above
5. jabber access with their alias

I would love receiving everyone's opinion about this and eventually 
ack my request so that I can set up a proper document where all these 
benefits are explained.

CC'ed the Board to hear their opinion as well.

Thanks in advance,


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