Re: The last long steps of the website

Olav Vitters wrote:

> On Wed, Mar 09, 2011 at 12:51:28AM +0100, Andreas Nilsson wrote:
> > I won't go about with some kind of inpirational blah-blah-blah about
> > how the last steps of climbing a mountain, when you are closest to
> > the top are the hardest, because I never did that. I saw some dude
> > on TV saying that though.
> I saw on a blog somewhere that the plan was that this would go live @
> GNOME 3.0 release.
> Did you talk to someone from gnome-sysadmin or arrange it'll actually
> happen?

I am now CC'ing gnome-infrastructure gnome org to be sure.

> I have some concerns regarding existing usage of E.g. the
> css is reused on various sites,
>{stable,unstable} links, etc. Just switching without
> planning will break stuff.
> Is there a document with migration plan?

Not a migration plan but I tried a quick inventory of our current
 - to be replaced by (currently on socke)
 - need to migrate wordpress and data
 - switch could be a change in vhost configuration
 - has a serie of well known URL, that should be kept (as
   Redirect(Match) in apache config)
 - has its own css & images
 - is migrated to new layout
 - need to be moved from window to webapps
 - switch could be a DNS change
 - just a static image
 - to be replaced by a second instance of library-web
 - this second instance could be, with the
   swith as a vhost configuration change &
 - to be migrated to new layout by aruiz

 - use as favicon
 - has its own css & images

 - use as favicon
 - reuse images from (e.g.

 - has its own css & images
 - is currently broken
 - use as favicon
 - has its own css & images

 - not using current stlye

 - not using current style

> Also, gnomeweb-wml is:
>  -
>  -
>  -
> I have plans for projects.go and people.go. I guess it means we'll have
> to split gnomeweb-wml into 3?

The part won't be necessary anymore; keeping projects.
and people. together is certainly not a problem.

Hope it clarifies things,


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