[Bug 645813] Fail to upload new release

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--- Comment #5 from Olav Vitters <bugzilla-gnome vitters nl> 2011-03-27 14:50:16 UTC ---
The following is what I expected:
"Bugzilla version 0.1.x exists for product gitg"
"Signalling churchill.acc.umu.se"

It calls 'curl' and 'signal-ftp-sync'. I'll clean up the output once ftpadmin
works reliability. Until that time I don't want to impact the fallback
(install-module on window).

The header:
> News
> ====

Is dropped when the first line contains the new version number. This so you can
do this in your NEWS file:

> gitg 0.2.1
> ==========

and have it appear nicely in the output. I think I'll have to add some magic to
that. But I'll have to check the output of various of these emails to see.

I've also tried to fix the extra spaces in the description while still allowing
an intend (GNOME Shell does that).

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