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--- Comment #14 from Olav Vitters <bugzilla-gnome vitters nl> 2011-03-07 21:54:30 UTC ---
Working on

Then working on enabling something like:
> rsync -av gtk+-2.12.7.tar.xz master.gnome.org:sources
> ssh master.gnome.org install-module sources/gtk+-2.12.7.tar.xz

Above is annoying to type in (plus not sure if rsync options are perfect), but
we could provide a 'gnomepkg' script to ease the typing.

Theoretically this should be possible. Just lots of things to think about.

 * rrsync secures the file transfer (though chroot would be more ideal)
 * separate install-module step, so you can follow its progress

Obviously, the install-module options would be limited. Not the full options
available to 'ftpadmin' users.

My only thoughts atm are on how I:
 1. Can have one group for /ftp/scratch (the rrsync location)
 2. Have another group for install-module.

I think I'll go for some hack involving:
>  sudo /usr/local/bin/install-module --sudo -- /ftp/scratch/sources/gtk+-2.12.7.tar.xz

Maybe directory sticky bits?

Need to create a new group for the automatic (and restricted) maintainers (the
ones not in ftpadmin).

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