set back up

I spent a couple of hours setting again, and it
should be working fine.

* I put it on, since I got the impression that's where
  we're putting random stuff, and I don't expect it to be high traffic.
  It's mod_wsgi/Django based compared to most of the stuff currently
  on webapps which are static, but hopefully that won't be a problem.

* Components of the site are:

 - Code in git shell-perf-web module, with standard gnomeweb autoupdate
   Added config to gnomeweb module in puppet
   On ran:
    GIT_DIR=/git/shell-perf-web.git/ git config hooks.update-recipients
gnomeweb webapps gnome org
 - Configuration in puppet (new shell-perf module)
 - Database on (this was actually left around
   and not deleted, so old system registrations still exist though
   old uploaded reports were lost.)
 - Site secret key and database password in /home/admin/secret
 - Uploaded performance reports in 

  See the puppet commit for full details.

* I didn't do anything about separating
  out /srv/http/ from the system
  image, so right now, if webapps was rebuilt from scratch,
  we'd lose the uploaded reports again. (I think it *was* separated out
  before but the data partition was deleted along with the system
  image, so it didn't do any good.)

  My earlier estimate for the maximum size of this directory was
  1GB, but I don't expect it to be anywhere near that in the short term.

  IMO, the separation needs to be done, but I'm leaving it up to the
  active sysadmins to formulate a policy - do we want to use NFS mounts,
  do we want to continue what I did on vbox with separate data
  partitions, etc.

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