[Bug 613033] Setup new master.gnome.org

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--- Comment #5 from Olav Vitters <bugzilla-gnome vitters nl> 2011-02-28 21:43:40 UTC ---
<owen> (I'm sort of skeptical about the whole tarball release process, really.
It seems a bit like a big dance for not a whole lot of point other than maybe
gentoo, when the git tag should be thing that really matters and is a few
bytes, but thats a different matter)
<owen> bkor: non-maintainer uploads?
<bkor> yes
<bkor> think
<bkor> 1) send an email when a non-maintainer uploads to the maintainers
<bkor> 2) have a special group of people who can upload anything
<bkor> cannot decide between 1 and 2
<owen> bkor: I think I'd favor 1) ... less overhead of maintaining that group

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