Re: [install-module gnome org: vte 0.27.5]

On Wed, Feb 02, 2011 at 07:54:22AM -0800, Jeff Schroeder wrote:
> In talking with sssd upstream and looking at our ldap schema, we're
> "technically" violating RFC2307 and are using the "cn" attribute for
> gecos instead of an attribute named "gecos". The fix is to set this in
> the sssd.conf:
> ldap_user_gecos = cn


Regarding gecos field: Mango used to update the gecos field. However,
gecos didn't allow UTF-8 characters and I stopped updating that field
some time ago (2007-09-19 21:38:07 after checking:).


> I manually ran puppetd --test on window. The rest of the servers can
> let puppetd fix things.
> [root@window ~]# getent passwd matthiasc | cut -d : -f 5 | cut -d , -f
> 1 | sed 's, <.*,,'
> Matthias Clasen

Doesn't work yet for matthiasc on I assume due to caching
(applied the config change and it solved it for other names). This as I
only recalled just now that we put the name in the from of all the
commits emails.

Could you clear the cache on git (or maybe ignore if cache times out
quickly)? Otherwise I'll do it later (you gave instructions somewhere).


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