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Hi Christer,

Thanks for kicking this off.

Some things that have been in my head that I don't know are written down, most of them relate to my work on the marketing team:

* - Sometime in the (hopefully) next few months we'll replace with a CMS.  We're currently stalled with Plone and will be evaluating Wordpress next month, but either way we'll want to replace prior to GNOME 3.0.  In addition to that migration, we'll have to stop the git hooks currently updating the site.

* - Currently being worked on in a Github repo.  Static site, we'll need to do DNS and a git repo to maintain it, etc.  It will link / host screenshots and videos for end users to educate them about GNOME 3.0.

* Now that the sysadmin team is responsible for maintaining it we'll want to think about upgrading it to Wordpress 3.0.1 which merges Wordpress with Wordpress-MU as well as how we want to keep it up to date.

* I want to migrate this to - we have a Wordpress theme 90% done and Lucas has done some work on an RSS import script. This will require some minor updates to DNS and I'm not sure about permalinks yet.  

We've talked about in IRC the work needed for migrating services to Combobox and we'll want to document those in Bugzilla too.


On Sun, Sep 19, 2010 at 3:21 PM, Christer Edwards <christer edwards gmail com> wrote:
Team -

I'm sure most of you are aware now that I've been hired as the
part-time sysadmin for the GNOME Foundation. I'm honored to be given
this opportunity, and I look forward to working with and meeting more
of the talented people that are part of this project. One of the
things I'd like to start with is compiling a list of all the tasks
(large and small) that we'd like to see get done.

I'm sure the pending tasks on bugzilla is a good start, but what else
is there? Do we have _everything_ that we'd like to see done (both
short-term and long-term) actually written down? I'd like to hear what
everyone has to say. Whether it is updating and expanding
documentation, fixing minor issues with services that have been
ignored, migrating services to and from different boxes... anything.
>From there we can prioritize and get started on really maturing the

I'd also like to hear from people that might not have access to the
servers but would like to contribute. I'm sure there are a number of
ways that we can use your skills toward improving things. I already
have a few items on my list that don't require server access but do
require programming ability. I believe it is important in the free
software world to help find a role for anyone willing to contribute
time and ability, however minor it might be.

Lastly I want to assure everyone that I see this role primarily as a
point of contact and coordinator, not an in-charge position. I'm not
here to assign work or "be the boss". I'll be the first to admit that
people on this team are more experienced than I am in many areas. I
primarily want to focus on making sure that each persons skills are
being leveraged and that the work is getting done.

With that, please feel free to simply dump out all your ideas and I'll
start prioritizing them as best I can.

Again, I look forward to working with everyone and I know together we
can make this infrastructure as solid and reliable as the project it

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