Re: Sysadmin Project Status

On Fri, Jun 18, 2010 at 12:01 PM, Paul Cutler <pcutler gnome org> wrote:
> Hi Sysadmin Team,
> Shame on me for not following up in the last two months, but I wanted to
> follow-up on a couple of the projects in process.

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you Paul.

> * Snowy VM - Jeff - I caught part of your conversation in IRC this week
> - do you have a target date when the VM will be set up and Ray can try
> getting Snowy installed?

Since I had a nice block of time to sit down and methodically look
over the config to see what was wrong tonight and fix it... the snowy
vm is up. However, it has not been puppetized yet and still requires a
bit of post-install config. In fact, I've not setup ldap or anything
much more than a vanilla F12 install. That will happen tomorrow. Then
we can work on setting up the mod_wsgi config and everything so the
snowy team is happy. Expect a deliverable snowy setup _for sure_
before the talks from Stormy and Ray. I expect it in the next week or
less if personal life and the lovely wife allow :)

> * Wordpress 3.0 was released yesterday - can we get another RHEL VM
> created on Combobox to migrage there? (BGO 621048)

Christer, do you want to do this one? If not, I'll take care of it
after snowy is all setup and happy-like.

Jeff Schroeder

Don't drink and derive, alcohol and analysis don't mix.

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