Re: Bug #620298

On Mon, 2010-06-21 at 11:32 -0600, Christer Edwards wrote:
> Team,
> Again, I'm digging through tickets that can be cleaned out. This looks
> like a fairly simple ticket to close, [1] "Switch drawable from
> kernel-xen to normal kernel"
> Unless I'm missing something, this should be as simple as installing a
> normal kernel and rebooting. What kind of schedule do we have/need for
> a reboot on drawable?
> I'm happy to tackle this, I just want to make sure the service
> disruption is minimal.

General reboot policy is simple:

 Reboot when you need to reboot.

 Do it during US/Eastern business hours, so that if something goes
 wrong and the machine doesn't come back we have maximum chance to get
 things fixed quickly. 
 (If I'm not on IRC, and a machine fails to reboot, my phone number is
  on the wiki.)

- Owen

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