access to torrent

Team -

I was documenting some of the configuration on our machines this
afternoon and I found that torrent was problematic for me. A quick
check in IRC showed the same results. It looks like home dirs aren't
setup properly, and nobody alive in IRC has root. See below:

[cedwards gentoo ~]$ ssh
Last login: Fri Jun 18 21:41:28 2010 from
Could not chdir to home directory /home/users/cedwards: No such file
or directory
-bash-4.0$ pwd
-bash-4.0$ cd /home/users/
-bash-4.0$ ls
gpastore  kvandine  ovitters

If you have root on torrent, please speak up. That box needs some
attention and, while I have time, I don't have access.

Thank you,

Christer Edwards

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