Re: Plone - wgo

Hi Paul,

--On Sonntag, Juni 06, 2010 19:37:03 -0500 Paul Cutler <pcutler gnome org>

As a follow-up to the editors instance of Plone that you installed a few
months ago, the web team needs your help understanding how it was
installed and how to update the version of Plone.

Is this something only a GNOME sysadmin can do?

Yes, someone needes to login to the console there. AFAIKR I wrote
documentation how to deploy plone, and some some extra notes how to
deploy the editors instance as readme files:

Somebody started the plone instances when they went down some weeks ago, so
he will be able to update them as well.
The editors instance deployed now is probably deployed from an svn branch
`svn info` will tell you. So to update the editors instance, the admin has
to switch to trunk and rerun `bin/buildout -c deploy-editors.cfg`. This will update
all packages.

* Somebody has to make sure first that the editors buildout configuration
`deploy-editors.cfg` still works and is up-to-date. The current configuration
 pins several packages to svn revisions.
* Before the upgrade, the admin should make a full backup of the directory
 the editors instance is deployed to.
* After the deployment is updated, the admin needs to run the plone

I can take a look at the buildout tomorrow and assist an admin during the


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